Our Team

Life is too short and money is too precious to train with anyone but the best. Introducing...

The Better Body Bootcamp Team

A unique group of talented trainers, managers, and support staff that have helped BBB become one of the top fitness programs in the United States.

Salim Arbaje
Head Trainer / CEO (Chief Energy Officer)

Salim has been with Better Body for five years.  You won't find a more motivating, energetic, and creative trainer in the country.  And none of that describes his best attribute: the warmth and caring that is the cornerstone of what we do here at Better Body Bootcamp.  

Josh Krantz
CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

Josh has been with Better Body Bootcamp for four years.  In that time he's become one of the most beloved people in our community for his energy, professionalism, and innovation.  A session with Josh isn't a workout; it's A PARTY that will leave you sweaty, euphoric, and wanting more!


Kathy Kontogiannis
COO (Chief Of Over-Delivering)

Kathy has been with the Better Body Bootcamp Team for two years, and was a member for three years prior to that.  She knows what it's like to want to get in the best shape of your life, and can attest to how effectively BBB can get you there.  Not only will you find the best trainers in the country with us; with Kathy, you'll also have a new best friend. 

Chairman (Sits in Chair at Front Desk)


Krystian has been a member of the Better Body Team for less than a year. In that time, he's become one of our most vital pieces. The place where you train needs to become a welcoming and friendly environment, or you won't go back. It's Krysitan's job to make sure Better Body is that kind of environment. Not only do you have a tough, inspiring, and challenging workout waiting for you every time you step through our doors; you also have Krystian's energy and warm smile. 

Spiritual Leader


Love has been a team member of Better Body for one year. In that time, he has become an absolute favorite among our members.  It's not only his workouts that are a favorite among our members; it's his positive and friendly demeanor. There's something special about Better Body; and if that's because of Love, that's no surprise. 



Trainer (and Pain) Director

Carlos has been with Better Body Bootcamp for two years. In that time, he's set the pace for the intensity and standards BBB is known for.  When you're coming into a Carlos class, get ready for the toughest class of your life; but also the fastest results of your life.    





Chief Intelligence Officer (Because He's Smart)

One of the original members of the BBB Training Team, Billy's a super-star with one of the most impressive resumes in town:
- He's a natural athlete, earning a full scholarship to Brown University of the Ivy League, where he rowed crew (like the Winklevoss twins from The Social Network movie).
- After college, Billy served in the army as a military medic, and was deployed in Iraq.
- He's now studying to be an occupational therapist, so you'll be calling him "Dr. Billy" very soon.
When you see Billy, rest assured that you're in for one of the toughest workouts of your life; but you can rest assured that you're in excellent hands too. 

Kaiser Serajuddin


Kaiser has been a lifelong trainer for over 15 years, and opened Better Body Bootcamp five years ago.  When you meet him, you'll know he is a man on a mission. To bring you the absolute best in training, available anywhere, at any price, whether it's in the posh studios of Beverly Hills or glitzy Manhattan.  To make BBB a warm, friendly, welcoming, judgement free, and non-pretentious place, where you feel comfortable, no matter what point you're starting at. And to make it affordable, so that every single person can afford to look and feel their best. Fitness is a non-negotiable part of life: if you don't claim your health and fitness, you are not fully alive. Now with Better Body Bootcamp, you finally can.