Giving Back

How We Give Back

Our core belief at Better Body Bootcamp is that fitness plays a great role in life beyond just looking good.  It can uplift our communities, strengthen relationships, and create a better future.  Beyond our training sessions, we work towards this mission through our special initiatives:

Better Futures Program

Through Better Futures, we arrange for class trips to BBB, hold trainings at schools, and raise awareness for important issues through special classes, with all proceeds going back to schools for fitness-related programs.  We believe it's important for children to understand the importance of fitness beyond a gym class.  Our goal is for the confidence of staying fit to become a value for life>

Charity Workouts

Our frequent charity workouts have raised thousands of dollars for meaningful charities.  DO you have a charity you would like us to support?  Let us know!


There isn't a single like-minded community in any of our neighborhoods that's bigger than the tribe of Better Body Members.  With these members we organize special fundraising events for all of us to get together and support worthy causes.